William (Bill) Lair (Originally Posted On Leaderherald.com)

“I have known Richard for decades and worked closely with him, both as a member of the New York State Police and as the Gloversville Chief of Police. Like all of the previous public service positions he has held, he has proven his ability to do the job in the three years since his election to the office and I see absolutely no reason to make a change now. I worked with Rich when he was a Fulton County prosecutor and although we did not always agree 100 percent of the time, I found him to be willing to listen, debate an issue, work hard and do what he thought best for the residents and taxpayers of Fulton County. During my 35 years of experience with the New York State Police and the Gloversville Police Department, I have had the opportunity to work closely with multiple prosecutors and law enforcement personnel, both within and without Fulton County; some at the highest levels of their individual organizations. I cannot recall any one of those who had more interest in providing professionalism to their position than does Rich. If I still had the opportunity to vote in Fulton County, I would not hesitate for an instant in casting my ballot for Sheriff Richard Giardino. I encourage all Fulton County voters to do the same. Fulton County is lucky to have him.”

The New York State Corrections Officers & Police Benevolent Association Local Sector from Hale Creek Correctional Facility

The New York State Corrections Officers & Police Benevolent Association Local Sector from Hale Creek Correctional Facility has endorsed Candidate Richard C. Giardino for Fulton County Sheriff. This is the first time the Local Sector has endorsed a candidate for Sheriff.  Richard Giardino is pictured with Chief Sector Steward Toby Hogan (left) and Charles Krom, Sector Steward (right). N.Y.S.C.O.P.B.A. Hale Creek presented Giardino with a generous donation supporting his candidacy. Candidate for Sheriff Richard C. Giardino said, “It’s an honor and a privilege to be endorsed by members of the Hale Creek Correctional Facility.  Correctional Officers have a very difficult job in that they deal with individuals convicted of felonies and sentenced to state prison.” 

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Robert E. Walsh (Retired Sergeant, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office)

“I first met Rich while on patrol many years ago when he was a Mayfield patrolman.  Over the years I saw him progress from that patrolman to an assistant DA to a DA then County Judge.  Being involved in a few cases and many on the fringes I saw that he was fair and impartial.   Never letting his ambitions affect his judgment.  I’ve never seen a bias in any of his work.  He treated co-workers, defendants and friends equally and fairly.  Once you were Rich’s friend you were a friend for life.  After working under three different Sheriff’s, I see in Rich a combination of all three.  I think he will make an excellent Sheriff and with his experiences of running the DA’s Office and the many Judicial programs he will be an asset to the Office of Sheriff.”

Thomas J. Lorey (Fulton County Sheriff)

After careful consideration and meeting with both candidates for the Office of Sheriff I have decided to endorse Richard Giardino as my successor.  I have worked with Rich in the field of criminal justice for the bulk of my law enforcement career and found him to be a very dedicated and hard working individual.  I am sure that he will continue with a similar style of management and will lead the sheriff’s office with dedication for years to come. Please join me and support Richard Giardino as the next Fulton County Sheriff.”

Bill Lair (Retired Staff Inspector, NYSP and retired Gloversville Chief of Police)

“Rich Giardino is hands down the best candidate for sheriff of Fulton County and he has my full support for election to the position.”

Mark R. Snyder (Retired Sergeant, Johnstown Police Department)

“I have known Rich Giardino personally and professionally for 30 years.  I first met Rich the day he started as an Assistant District Attorney for Fulton County and worked closely with him until my retirement.  Rich was fundamental in creating the Special Investigations Team, consisting of officers from the Johnstown Police Department, Gloversville Police Department and Fulton County Sheriff’s Office all working as one unit.  Rich Giardino was also a founding member of the Sexual Abuse Investigation Team, which investigated sexual crimes against women and children in Fulton County, using different disciplines in law enforcement and social services.  I proudly worked with Rich on these teams, seeing firsthand what a difference they made in our community.

In 1994, I while on duty in the City of Johnstown, I was assaulted by a teenage gunman.  Rich was the DA at the time, and presented a prosecution against the shooter which resulted in a lengthy prison sentence.  Not only did Rich handle the case as District Attorney, but also stood by my family supporting us in every way.  It was one of those events that one never forgets.  I know that Rich has never forgotten that case, nor the many others he has been involved in. 
Rich is a dedicated public servant and a passionate defender of the rights of the citizens 
of Fulton County.  I proudly recommend and endorse Richard Giardino as the next Sheriff of Fulton County.”

Stanley Pelcher (Retired Lieutenant/Assistant Jail Administrator, Fulton County)

“I have known Richard Giardino for over 23 years and worked with him for just over 22 years as an employee of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.  He is a man of integrity and has always shown himself to be a professional and a reasonable man looking out for the best of those he has dealt with, both as DA and County Judge.  I would think of no one else that could bring more to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office as Sheriff.  His decades of experience as a part time Police Officer, Attorney in the DA’s Office, DA, and County Judge speaks for itself as his qualifications for the position of Sheriff.  He will serve the people of Fulton County well, and will be a great addition to the Sheriff’s Department.  He will move the department forward into the future of Law Enforcement and Corrections.  As a resident of Fulton County I would be proud to have him as my Sheriff.”

Paul Catucci (President) Pine Tree Rifle Club

“Rich Giardino is a long time PTRC member and friend.  We need a Sheriff with the skills and knowledge of Rich Giardino.  Rich is someone who knows the law, and will protect not only our 2nd Amendment but the entire Constitution of the United States.  Rich will fight for our rights.  We cannot afford lawmakers taking our rights away.  We need a strong voice. Rich is the man!”

Honorable Jeffrey Rosenthal (Retired)

“I highly recommend Judge Richard Giardino for Fulton County Sheriff.  Having known Judge Giardino as a fellow lawyer, judge, colleague in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and friend for over 20 years, I have been witness to his skills, – personal and professional – first hand.  Richard’s compassion and knowledge of the law and the criminal justice system are the qualities he would bring as sheriff.  His abilities to communicate clearly and effectively are the qualities needed to lead the county’s largest law enforcement agency.  And his lifelong dedication as a public servant to the Fulton County community is unparalleled:

 • District Attorney
 • County Judge
 • Mayfield Police Officer
 • FMCC Criminal Law and Justice Professor
 • Mayfield Volunteer Firefighter

Steven Stofelano, Jr.

“As a Fulton County native and son of a retired Gloversville Police Dept. Lt. Det. Steve Stofelano, please add my support to your effort on behalf of keeping the people of Fulton County safe through your campaign for Sheriff.”

New York State Police Investigators Association